Hello, I am Ziggy Verbeek, currently 24 years old and live in Delft.

I live all my life in Delft and I like interacting mainly with computers. Some of my others hobbies include traveling and exploring the world around me, mostly by my own bike or with public transport. At home I enjoy playing video games, socialize with my friends, working on programming my own projects and fix computers both via software or hardware. In fact, I almost started a small business with a friend servicing and building computers.

My interest in programming came from playing videogames and making small modifications by influence of a friend. During learning programming as hobby I was in high school. At the end of high school I got so into programming that I joined the programming sector at Grafisch Lycuem Rotterdam. There I went on the webdeveloper course where I learned SQL, PHP, Javascript, ASP and C# which was a dream come true.

After 5 years at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam with an MBO level degree in Web-development (and Media Technology) I followed up my studies to Hogeschool Rotterdam. I finished a year at another sector before transitioning to another sector. My reason for switching is that I wanted to learn more about programming, specifically languages such as C++, Python, C# and a few others whenever I had the time.

I'm not really certain about what I will do in the future, except for finishing some of my bigger projects, such as developing a game I mostly like to play. Apart from that, I can only look to the future in participation for what is next to come.